One Big Wish

Janelle Nicole. 19. Bisexual.
Instagram and gifboom: janelle_rauco
youngniggajack asked: I hear so much hate about you but i love how they don't know you! Keep living your life the way YOU want to! You dont need anyones approval just support! And I support you hun!


Thank you!

Anonymous asked: Do you have kik?


ya. but i’m not giving it out

dickmeetpussy asked: You're beautiful and I love how you don't give a shit about what people say about you. Fuck the haters haha


tysm :’)

Anonymous asked: Was your bf actually cool with you being an e-whore on chaturbate?? If i found out my gf did that, id be pissed af. How do you just sit there and play with yourself for a bunch of creepy old men? Are you that desperate for money? Why not get a real job like normal people?


Yes, he was. and still is. Don’t try to tell me about myself. probably just mad I make more money than you by just taking my shirt off. haha. bye.

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